How to Create Slides for Free in Zoho Show With Free Images

Published 4 years ago

How to Create Slides for Free in Zoho Show With Free Images

These days it has become the norm for people to sit for hours on end in front of their screens, struggling to make beautiful, eye-catching presentations that can attract attention. They use so much of their time fiddling with controls on PowerPoint and other tools in an effort to design slides that can convey their intended message. The problem is that it takes a lot of time to do this!

If you’re one of these people and you’ve had it with spending so much time, this is sure to be an insightful read for you.

There are very few presentation making softwares out there that are truly user friendly and can produce high quality content. Most of the available softwares take too long to learn how to use and even when you do learn how to use them, creating a simple slide can be a hassle. At times, they also become too clunky and cumbersome to use and this is a huge inconvenience.

Some of the slides you see nowadays from PowerPoint, Keynote and other tools have become too generic. Often the template styles are dull and repetitive. While some of these popular modern-day softwares may work for some people, they are usually quite pricey. This can be a bummer especially if all you want to do is create a simple presentation.

You need not worry about all these anymore! What if I told you there was a simpler, much more convenient option?

Introducing Zoho Show. It is a cloud-based presentation software which allows users to customize their slides with texts, images, graphics, tables, charts, and videos. Elements can also be animated for a more enhanced interactivity. It is free and allows users to create enticing visuals that can capture an audience’s attention. It provides a clean and clutter-free interface design, which lets users’ stories take the center stage. With this tool a user can concentrate on creating compelling content for your presentations with zero distractions.

Zoho Show is easy to use and extremely user friendly. It doesn’t take you much time to get accustomed to using this software. What’s even better is that it doesn’t cost you a dime!



  1. Collaboration - Zoho Show has a real-time collaboration feature which allows you to work on slides with your team in real-time collaborators can view, edit and comment on slides and the edits that they make reflect on slides instantly.
  2. Templates - It has a number of customizable templates which you can edit to your liking to create your content.
  3. Search/Filter - This allows you to find other features to customize your content.
  4. Screen sharing - This allows you to share the contents of your slides/screen with another device or multiple devices.
  5. Texts, Images, Icons, Shapes - fundamental elements
  6. Animations and transitions - Components to style graphics
  7. Audio and Video Content - Ability to have rich content




  • Easy to use
  • It doesn’t take a lot of time to learn how to use
  • It has good samples of templates and also very good typographies and color combinations.
  • It allows you to create high quality content
  • User friendly interface
  • It has safe sharing and publishing options



  • If the internet connection fails, the software crashes
  • Customer support can be sluggish at times
  • Although there are templates, they aren’t many
  • Type of text styles is either limited or is almost similar to each other


So how exactly do you create slides in Zoho Show using free images?

Step 1: Sign up

Go to Once there click on the Get Started Now button.


This will open up a dialog box where you enter your email to sign up. Alternatively you can sign up with your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account. After doing this launch Zoho show.



Step 2: Begin designing your presentation

Click on New Presentation in the page that appears to begin designing your slides.


Step 3: Choose a template and size

Choose an appropriate template and size in the page that appears and then click on it.

You can also choose a Font scheme and color scheme after which you can click on Apply.


Step 4: Add slide

Click on the + Slide icon on the top left of your screen to add a new slide.


Step 5: Add background

On the right side of your screen is the Background option. Click on the drop down arrow next to Fill and proceed to pick an appropriate color.


Step 6: Add image and edit

Go to and search for an appropriate image. Copy the URL of the image and go back to Zoho. In Zoho click on the Image icon. Paste the URL of your image and once the image appears add it onto your slide.


After adding your image a bunch of controls will appear on the right side of your screen which you can use to customize your image.


Here’s how mine looked like



Step 7: Add text and edit

Click on the Text option just above your slide. Choose an appropriate format from the ones that appear.


After adding the text use the options that appear on the right side of your screen to customize it.



Step 8: Add other elements

You can proceed to add other elements to your slide such as shapes, tables and charts. All the commands for these are easy to spot.


After doing all this you’re basically done creating your slide. You can click on the Play button to preview your presentation. You can also edit the name of your presentation. All these commands are easy to spot owing to how user friendly Zoho is.


Click on the File button and choose an option to either Download, Share or Publish your presentation.



You can download as:


And voila! You are done making a slide. Here’s mine:



Creating a slide with Zoho Show is extremely easy! It took me under 5 minutes to make just one slide and I did it with no hiccups. Just take your time to play around with the controls so you get accustomed to them before diving in to make your presentations.